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With the election over, how to dispose of those political signs

FILE - In this Oct. 27, 2016 file photo, early voters stand by campaign signs as they wait in line at a voting location in Dallas. Campaign signs have been a thing since the early 1800s. Political scientists question the effectiveness of yard signs, at least in presidential politics. (AP Photo/Tony Gutierrez, File)

With the 2016 election in the books, political signs need to come down throughout the Phoenix-area.

If you live in the city of Phoenix, you have 10 days from the end of the election to remove a political sign from your private property. Campaign workers have 15 days to remove signs from the public right-of-way. Instead of throwing the signs in the trash, the city’s public works department is suggesting you recycle your sign.

“It’s always good to make the most out of the resources that we already have instead of taking new and raw resources from the environment,” said Yvette Roeder, spokeswoman for the Phoenix Public Works Department.

She said the city will recycle the signs, but first, you need to separate the wooden or metal stakes from the actual sign.

“Campaign organizers and volunteers can bring all of those materials to the transfer stations separately, and we’ll gladly take them for free,” Roeder said.

The city has two transfer stations where you can take the signs to be recycled. Roeder said the materials, like hard plastic and cardboard, can be reused.

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