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Group offering to deliver pizzas to hungry voters trapped in line

(AP Photo/John Minchillo)

PHOENIX — It’s important to go out and let your voice be heard, but recently it’s taking a while for people to get that chance with the long voting lines. Now people willing to wait in line to vote can enjoy some fresh and hot pizza … for free.

Pizza to the Polls is a fundraising group that provides free pizza to people waiting in those long voting lines, and all it takes is a simple picture.

So far, they said they have only delivered to people in Ohio and Florida, but could deliver to those in Arizona if there are long lines on Tuesday.

Once they get wind of a long line and hungry voters, Pizza to the Polls will send out however many pizzas out, based on how much money they are able to raise.

For them to know of long lines, people have to reach out to the group to notify them.

In Maricopa County, there stands a chance there’s going to be at least one long voting line based on what has happened this year. People trying to avoid the long lines by doing early voting ended up having to wait, and some waited for hours in the presidential preference election.

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