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Election 2016: Follow all the races with KTAR News live results page

(AP Photo/Elise Amendola)

PHOENIX — The 2016 election season will — most likely — come to a close Tuesday night.

By the time the clock ticks midnight, we’ll have an idea of not only who the president-elect is, but if there’s been a shake-up in both national and local politics or if things remain the same.

To help you keep track of the madness, we have two tools below. Both will post live election results.

Use the dropdown menu on the first tool to flip through some select local races. You can head over to the Arizona Secretary of State’s website to get a full rundown of the races.

In case you’re wondering, these are the close races we’re keeping a close eye on as the results roll in.

The second tool will carry live results from across the nation, but only for the presidential race.

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