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Find out how Donald Trump’s and Hillary Clinton’s tax plans could affect you

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PHOENIX — Much has been made of each party’s nominee in this election, be it about deleted emails or sexually aggressive comments about women.

But there’s more to a presidential campaign than mudslinging. After all, the person the nation elects on Tuesday will be one of the most influential people in the world and his or her policies will have a big impact on our lives for at least four years.

That impact includes the federal tax system. Nobody likes doing taxes, but do you know which nominee’s policy would put more money in your pocket?

The folks over at GraphIQ put together the handy tool below. It lets you input your income, your number of dependents and other information to show how the proposed tax plans of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton would affect your bottom line.

Of course, this shouldn’t be the only tool you use when deciding who to vote for. There’s much more to a tax plan than how much you wind up pocketing at the end of the day, so we encourage you to do your research.

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