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Jimmy Kimmel’s 6th annual ‘Ate my kids’ Halloween candy’ prank

For the past six years, Jimmy Kimmel and many of his fans pull a hilarious, but down-right awful prank on their kids.

They tell them they’ve eaten all their Halloween candy.

Now, if you’ve dressed up as a princess or dinosaur and walked around a neighborhood for a considerable amount of time, you might be a bit ticked off.

The majority of the children did not — emphasis on “not” — take it well.

Hearing that their parents ate all the candy was enough to launch many into a frenzy and witness their entire world crash all around them.

Then there were the peaceful ones, who simply accepted the fact that all their hard work was for nothing and that their parents were just hungry.

Regardless of whether the child turned into a gremlin or remained relatively calm, it goes to show that if you mess with a kid’s candy, be prepared for the impending wrath.

This year’s submissions were so good that Kimmel and crew decided to release a second video.

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