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Ariana Grande joins ‘Ellen’ producer for second haunted house maze

Ellen DeGeneres loves a good laugh at the expense of her executive producer Andy Lassner, especially during the Halloween season.

The popular daytime host annually sends Lassner through a haunted house of her choosing, then sits back and enjoys the show along with her national audience.

This year, Ellen decided to have double the fun, sending her poor producer through not one, but two haunted houses.

After going through Universal Studio’s “Exorcist” maze last week with his assistant Jacqueline, Lassner teamed up with pop star Ariana Grande for his latest terrifying adventure — Universal’s “American Horror Story” maze.

Although the more experienced of the two when it comes to haunted houses, Lassner didn’t offer much protection for Grande, at one point even leaving the two-time Grammy nominee to fend for herself.

Maybe the double-duty will get Lassner off the hook next year, but for entertainment’s sake, one certainly hopes not.

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