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Movies in a Minute: ‘Inferno’

“Inferno” is basically the sequel to the sequel of “The Da Vinci Code,” but it’s not nearly as good.

The entire idea behind the popular novels — there are mysteries that can only be solved by Robert Langdon (played by Tom Hanks) that can save the world — is fun, but it’s getting a little tired.

“Inferno” is about Langdon’s latest world-saving quest. He has to follow the clues, avoid danger and save the world before a billionaire kills half the human race.

While I think Hanks was fine in his role, the timing of the film is not. When you see how many bizarre coincidences have to occur to keep the plot moving, you’ll agree. I rolled my eyes a few times.

In short, “Inferno” is OK, but it just doesn’t have a good story behind it.

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