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Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s ad against Paul Penzone named one of 2016’s worst political spots

PHOENIX — Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s ad that labels his opponent, Paul Penzone, as abusive has been named one of 2016’s worst campaign spots.

The USA Today Editorial Board said it disproves of the ad because it contains a gross overstatement concerning domestic violence allegations stemming from a 2003 incident.

Penzone said at the time that his wife hit him with a hockey stick. She responded by claiming that he pushed her against the wall. No charges were filed, and a judge dismissed restraining-order requests.

Arpaio’s ad minces no words and clearly states that “Penzone assaulted his ex-wife.”

The board also said the fact that Penzone’s ex-wife has spoken out against the ad proves its unfair.

Penzone filed a lawsuit against Arpaio over the ad late last month.

“There has never been a time in my life where I have ever hurt or harmed anybody, including my ex-wife,” Penzone said during a press conference to announce the lawsuit.

An attorney for Arpaio said Penzone’s attorneys were informed of the ad and its content prior to its release. They were told to notify Arpaio’s campaign of any falsities in the ad and never received a response.

Penzone told Mac & Gaydos that claim was untrue.

Arpaio’s attorney said the ad was based on public records and was reviewed for accuracy prior to being released.

Penzone said the ad is one of “one of the most unethical and irresponsible” things Arpaio has done in his political career.

Editor’s note: Penzone has been a contributor to and a frequent guest on the air.

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