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Surprising facts about classic film ‘Beetlejuice’

The 1988 classic film “Beetlejuice” has its fair share of mysteries and hype surrounding it.

The folks over at CineFix dug deeper and revealed some facts fans of the movie might not be aware of.

Despite the buzz still being around for a possible sequel nearly 30 years later, the follow-up to the original was actually planned since the first film. Unfortunately for fans, director Tim Burton was too busy with “Batman Returns” to do the sequel, which was, believe or not, having “Beetlejuice” with a Hawaiian twist.

A bizarre statistic on the film is that the character Beetlejuice played by Michael Keaton isn’t actually in the movie until 25 minutes in and appears in less than 20 percent of the entire film.

There’s also foreshadowing to Keaton’s role in Batman and a Jack Skellington skull referencing Tim Burton’s “The Nightmare Before Christmas.”

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