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Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey has one of lowest salaries in nation

(AP Photo)

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey is near the bottom when it comes to the salaries of governors across the country.

Ducey ranks No. 48 among all governors with a $95,000 salary. He makes more than only Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper at $90,000 and Maine Gov. Paul LePage earning $70,000.

The public payroll data shows that the average U.S. governor is making $137,415, more than $40,000 more than Ducey.

The highest salary for a governor is nearly $200,000 a year. Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf ranks No. 1 at a $190,823 salary, and is joined by Tennesee Gov. Bill Haslam making $187,600 and California Gov. Jerry Brown earning $187,789 in the top three.

The pay grades do not show a direct relationship with the financial responsibilities of the governors. The governors in Florida, Oregon and Minnesota earn below the national average despite having some of the biggest state budgets in the U.S.

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