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Saying goodbye to nervous and crying kids is hard, but it’s also necessary

Leaving kids with a babysitter or dropping them off at daycare can be hard, especially if the kids are little.

“As a parent, your heart may ache if your child is crying out for you and wants you,” said Dr. Aaron Gomez, pediatrician with Banner Health. “However you may be hurting them developmentally if you don’t allow them to gain this independence.”

It’s called separation anxiety. It can also be when small children are starting school or even just heading off to bed.

Kids are anxious and crying because they can be worried mom and dad aren’t coming back.

“If you’re dropping your kid off at school or at daycare, make it short and make it sweet,” he said. “Don’t linger around.”

The longer you drag it out, the harder it will be to say goodbye, he said.

Also stay consistent. Routine will help kids learn this is normal, and then soon feel more confident they can handle it and achieve some independence.

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