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Poll: Nearly half of Arizona sees Donald Trump’s border wall as a waste of money

(AP Photo/Russell Contreras,File)

PHOENIX — Nearly half of Arizona sees Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s idea to build a wall along the nation’s border with Mexico as a waste of money, a poll said.

The poll from Reuters/Ipsos said 47 percent of Arizonans think the wall is the equivalent of throwing money down the drain, while 34 percent said the border wall would be an effective barrier.

The remainder selected neither.

“As big and powerful, as rich as this nation is, we cannot just leave the door open,” said Tony Estrada, Santa Cruz County Sheriff, who has served in law enforcement in the border county for 49 years. “But, we need a realistic and humane process. Donald Trump is … catering to people’s fear.”

Reuters said the poll’s numbers were fairly similar to those seen nationwide, where 49 percent of Americans said the wall is a waste and 31 percent feel it would be effective.

The poll’s numbers changed in Arizona, however, when the responses from those who identify as Republicans were considered. Just 21 percent called the wall was a waste of money, compared to 57 percent who said it would make an effective barrier.

Trump has emphasized his border wall for more than a year and has claimed Mexico will pay for the wall, something that nation has said it will not do.

The wall is part of Trump’s 10-point immigration plan, which he unveiled in a Phoenix speech earlier this year.

The poll was conducted between Oct. 5 and Oct. 19 and included responses in English and Spanish from 2,600 people.

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