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Navajo Nation president and vice president endorse Hillary Clinton

Jonathan Nez, vice president of the Navajo Nation. (DNC)

PHOENIX — Navajo Nation president Russell Begaye and vice president Jonathan Nez endorsed Democrat Hillary Clinton for president on Friday while joining the DNC’s Forward Together tour through Shiprock, N.M., and Tuba City, Ariz.

The group urged the communities to vote and vote early in what they called a “rare” endorsement for a presidential candidate.

“I believe Hillary Clinton, as President of the United States, will be a strong partner to work with on a government-to-government level,” said Begaye in a written statement. “In this campaign, she has committed to serving tribal nations through strengthening public safety, combating drugs and alcohol, advocating for access to high-quality education, improving Indian health care, and fighting for our Native American veterans. As a Senator, she continued this effort by cosponsoring legislation to improve Indian health care and tribal colleges. I trust she will respect our treaty and I look forward to working with her administration on a government-to-government basis.”

He also recorded an ad that will air through Election Day.

In a video during his time with the Forward Together tour, Nez said it’s a “scary situation to be in if Donald Trump were to become president of the United States.”

Begaye, during the primaries, endorsed Clinton’s former Democratic opponent, Sen. Bernie Sanders.

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