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Tucson bar listed as top 10 haunted bar in America


PHOENIX — Tiger’s Tap Room in Tucson, Arizona opened back in 1919, where it played host to John Dillinger’s gang, and was also the place where Wyatt Earp killed Frank Stilwell.

Due to the nature and atmosphere that surrounded the bar in those early days, along with the stories of suicide and the fire of 1934, the Tucson bar is now listed as a top 10 most haunted bars in America by Fodor’s Travels.

Phone calls from empty rooms requesting room service, bodiless voices excusing themselves or blessing you after a sneeze, and apparitions appearing in the hallways and windows will surely spook anyone who visits.

Tiger’s Tap Room was originally named The Hotel Congress when it first opened, but was changed in 2013 in honor of the bar’s longtime bartender “Tiger”.

To really experience the hotel’s late-night spiritual activities, spend the night in room 242, where a hotel guest took her own life; if you examine the closet you can still see the bullet hole. Many claim to wake and see the woman watching them sleep. One man even says he awoke to his dog barking at the bathroom and there found all of his belongings stuffed into the toilet and a bathtub full of water.

The other bars that were featured on the list were Pioneer Saloon in Nevada, Ear Inn in New York, Menger Bar in San Antonio, Whitehorse Tavern in Rhode Island, Simon’s Tavern in Chicago, Bridge Café in New York, The Tavern in Austin, Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop and Arnaud’s in New Orleans.

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