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Colbert gives tips to President Obama to prepare for his next job

Losing a job can be tough on not just yourself, but your family as well.

Knowing what to do next can be scary, and breaking that résumé back out will surely be a disappointment.

Stephen Colbert on “The Late Show” wanted to help someone out who is about to lose their job. It just so happened that the certain “someone” is United States President Barack Obama.

Colbert gives many funny tips to Obama on how to get that résumé back in tip-top shape. He asks about his accolades, work experience, why Obama didn’t get a promotion in eight years, and even asks the president where he was born.

Once a joking Colbert tries to give Obama a physical at the end of an interview, Obama quickly leaves.

Hopefully Colbert did some good and someone gives Obama a second job soon.

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