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Arizona Highways makes one-of-a-kind presidential endorsement

Outlaw Pete is Arizona Highways' presidential endorsement for the 2016 election (Instagram photo by Arizona Highways).

Many news publications and companies are getting praise or backlash for their presidential endorsements in this year’s election.

Of course, all of these companies are choosing between the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton and Republican nominee Donald Trump.

Arizona Highways named who they are endorsing on Friday, but it isn’t who you might think.

In fact, it’s not even a person, but a dog named Outlaw Pete.

Outlaw Pete comes from humble beginnings, having grown up on the streets of central Phoenix. As such, he takes nothing for granted, as evidenced by his willingness to immediately ingest any edible item within reach. He is a champion of Millennials, especially Arizona Highways interns, who are seldom without his affection. He has never sent an email, and his frequent naps give him a temperament ideal for the leader of the free world.

There’s no doubt some people will join Arizona Highways around the country to write Outlaw Pete’s name down on the ballot. Whether or not he will win the election, it’s anyone’s guess.

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