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Report: Tesla rival considering Arizona for electric car assembly plant

(Lucid Motors Photo)

PHOENIX — An electric car company seeking to establish itself as a rival to Tesla is reportedly considering building its manufacturing plant in Arizona.

Technology site Recode reports Atieva is eyeing a possible plant in Casa Grande to produce a vehicle only code named Atvus. The car is expected to be revealed this weekend and would be sold under the Lucid Motors brand name.

Arizona may have a lot of interest in bringing the electric car maker to the Grand Canyon State, as it lost out on a Tesla battery factory that was built in Nevada.

“Arizona is not going to want to lose out a second time,” said a senior Atieva engineer who has since left the company. “Apparently, they’re throwing everything including the kitchen sink at Atieva to come to the state.” That likely includes generous tax incentives.

According to Reuters, the plant would open with the capability to produce 20,000 cars per year, but will eventually be ramped up to build 130,000 cars per year.

Construction costs of the plant could be as high as $300 million.

Arizona officials did not return Recode’s request for comment.

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