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Poll gives slight lead to Clinton, big advantage to McCain in November vote

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PHOENIX — An Arizona poll released Friday said Hillary Clinton has a small lead over Donald Trump in November’s election, while Sen. John McCain holds a large advantage over his challenger.

The poll from Highground Public Affairs Consultants said Clinton holds a 2 percentage point lead over Trump. About 38.5 percent of respondents said they would vote for the Democrat, while 36.5 said they would support Trump.

Libertarian Gary Johnson received 8.3 percent of the support, while Green Party nominee Jill Stein received 2.5 percent. Another 7 percent of respondents said they were undecided and 2.7 percent refused to answer the question.

The poll gave McCain a large lead over his Democratic challenger, Ann Kirkpatrick. About 45.3 percent of respondents said they support McCain, while 35.3 percent said they back Kirkpatrick.

Green Party nominee Gary Swing has 6.3 percent of the support. Slightly less than 2 percent said they plan to vote for someone else, 8.8 percent said they are undecided and the final 2.5 percent declined to answer the question.

Highground Public Affairs Consultants did not disclose how many people responded to the poll.

However, it showed a nearly even spread across numerous age groups. Slightly more people who identify as Republican responded to the poll then Democrats or independents, along with slightly more women than men.

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