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Game-show contestants lose their minds after 3-way tie


Prepare to watch three people go absolutely bonkers.

If you’re not familiar with the concept of the big wheel on Price is Right, the three winners from earlier games go up to spin the wheel to get as close to the $1 mark as they can in order to make it in the showcase showdown. Your second spin is optional, so there’s a fair bit of strategy involved.

It’s rare enough to see someone on one episode get the $1,000 bonus for getting $1 on their spin(s), but three is almost unheard of.

The star of the video, Cathryn, cannot contain any part of her body when she gets the total $1 first. For reasons one cannot explain, she loses her balance when Manfred gets his second spin to add up $1, and then raises her arms in the air, looking more thrilled than Manfred.

The last spinner, Jessica, spins right after host Drew Carey calls the three-way tie. In a show of good sportsmanship the three freak out together, jumping up and down and hugging after Jessica gets the $1 as well.

In the show’s 45th season, this is only the fourth time it has occurred. Any tie leads to another spinoff, which Manfred would go onto win.

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