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Phoenix haunted house keeping its scary clown attraction despite recent threats

(Photo by: Fear Farm)

Despite recent clown scares around the country and the Phoenix-area, one local haunted house said it has no plans to do away with its scary clowns.

Fear Farm in West Phoenix, an outdoor haunted house, has an attraction filled with menacing and evil clowns.

“That event has been in Phoenix for a very long time,” said Jon Love, partner at 13th Floor Entertainment, the company that produces Fear Farm. “It is a family tradition for so many people.”

Love said the recent clown threats and hoaxes around the country and the Phoenix-area are uncalled for and should not be happening. When it comes to haunted houses though, he stated that visitors come there to be scared and entertained.

“I don’t think we are doing any disservice to the community by producing theatrical creative events in keeping clowns inside of our haunted houses,” Love explained. “When people come to our events, I think they understand that they’re there to get scared. I think they understand they’re there to be entertained. I think they understand they’re in a safe environment and they’re there to have a good time.”

Love added that they have not had visitors complain about the clown attraction since the recent clown hoaxes and threats started happening. Fear Farm, which features multiple outdoor attractions, will be open through Nov. 5.

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