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Local Donut in Scottsdale named best doughnut shop in state

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There’s nothing better than waking up and sinking your teeth into a delicious doughnut.

The problem with that can be choosing where to get that breakfast treat. There are many places that sell doughnuts in Arizona, and quite frankly, most of those places sell very tasty items.

But according to BuzzFeed, one place in Arizona trumps them all.

It’s called the Local Donut and it was named the best doughnut shop in the state. It can be found in Scottsdale near Hayden and Osborn roads.

“The Local Donut has the best raised dough in Arizona. For me, it starts right there and it can only be better once you perfect that. I would have to rank Creme Brûlée at the top because of its likeness to the original flavors you would taste at a French restaurant. The semi-sweet cream and the light frosting bring it all together.” —Yelper Kurdy S.

“AMAZING DONUTS! The lady behind the counter was super polite, very friendly. There are a LOT of donut choices. I went with a maple bacon, Oreo, and chocolate sprinkle. Prices are very reasonable for the quality of the product.” —Yelper Nate P

Now everybody wanting to earn some “brownie” points at work knows exactly how to do that.

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