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Valley economist: Trump’s tax plan only a little better than Clinton’s idea

(AP Photos)

PHOENIX — A local economist said Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s tax plan is a little better than Hillary Clinton’s, but neither are stellar.

“Trump’s plan for cutting taxes, less regulation and more support for credit are all excellent points,” Elliot D. Pollack said.

However, Pollack is not a fan of Trump’s approach to international trade, including his plan to slap heavy tariffs on some imported Chinese products. He called it a “Draconian mistake.”

As far as the Democratic presidential nominee’s plan, Pollack said it would basically be an extension of what is in place.

“If you want to destroy to growth, you would increase taxes, have burdensome regulations,” he said. “That is what we have now; what Hillary Clinton wants to continue with, and that means slow growth.”

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