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2016 baseball highlights, bloopers and blunders

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It’s hard to overlook the immense impact Vin Scully has made on baseball over his 59 years as the ‘Voice of the Dodgers.’ This year, ‘baseball’s all-time best broadcaster’ retired with style as Charlie Culberson hit a home run to lead the Dodgers in a win against Colorado for the division title.

Of course, there were plenty of great plays in September as the teams were vying for a position to win a division title.

It’s true. Baseball is big business, but that doesn’t mean you have to be serious all the time. Mookie Betts and his teammates give us a little post-win celebration dance that would make even their mothers proud.

Being a Major League Baseball player has lots of perks. Of course the money is great, but so is the adulation of fans. You’re a hero and people wish they could be like you.

Unless you mess up.

One of the unfortunate aspects of playing a game in front of tens of thousands of fans is that when you do something foolish or make an error, they all see it.

In fact, with amazing television systems like CenturyLink’s Prism TV with watch-and-record options, even fans who missed the game can see those mistakes over and over. Sometimes the players bring unintentional fun to the games. Other times fans, coaches and even umpires get involved.

Here is an assortment of clips so far from the 2016 season. With regular season games continuing and the playoffs just around the corner, you still have a chance to watch and record more 2016 major league mishaps.

July 9, Arizona Diamondbacks vs. San Francisco Giants

“The sun was in my eyes.” It’s a common and valid excuse because it truly can happen. It happened to Diamondback third baseman Jake Lamb on an infield pop fly. Lamb lost the ball in the sun and what should have been an easy out dropped in for a single for Brandon Crawford. What made this play unique is that Lamb had sunglasses on his head, but not over his eyes.

Aug. 18, New York Mets vs. San Francisco Giants

Home-plate umpire Brian Gorman confirmed what many fans have long suspected: umpires sometimes don’t have a clue. Gorman forgets the strike count and calls Mets Kelly Johnson out even though it is only his second strike. Johnson stayed put and Gorman apparently realized out his mistake.

June 28, Chicago Cubs vs. Cincinnati Reds

Baseball players are known for practical jokes and tom foolery. During this game, teammates in the Reds’ dugout stuck a bubble of gum on Jose Peraza’s hat. He eventually figured it out and did not seem too surprised that fellow players were having fun at his expense.

Aug. 27, Colorado Rockies vs. Washington Nationals

Pitcher A.J. Cole is trying to issue an intentional walk to Daniel Descalso in the top of the 4th inning. Unfortunately, the throw to the catcher is wild, allowing Nolan Arenado to score from third.

Aug. 13, Arizona Diamondbacks vs. Boston Red Sox

Foul balls can be dangerous. Diamondback outfielder Socrates Brito drove that point home with a foul ball that punched a hole through the glass near the private luxury suite of Red Sox owner Tom Warner.

June 4, Boston Red Sox vs. Toronto Blue Jays

Like I said before, foul balls can be dangerous. Blue Jay Michael Saunders hit a foul ball in the 7th inning that was headed straight toward a fan trying to get out of the way. Fortunately, an alert and skilled left-handed Red Sox ball girl grabbed the hard-hit drive. No harm done.

These are just a few of the highlights (and lowlights) from the 2016 season. Luckily, there are many more to come and you can see them all with CenturyLink Prism TV and on any device with Prism on the Go.


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