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Hurricane Matthew making impact on social media

Waves crash off the pilings under the Jacksonville Beach Fishing Pier on Wednesday, Oct. 05, 2016, as Hurricane Matthew approaches Jacksonville, Fla. (Bruce Lipsky/The Florida Times-Union via AP)

As hundreds of thousands of people began an exodus out of coastal towns in Florida and other southeastern Atlantic states as Hurricane Matthew headed toward them, social media has played a big part capturing the drama.

Matthew, which ripped through Haiti, Cuba and the Bahamas, was expected to hit Florida on Thursday night. In the morning, winds had reached 140 mph, and the storm had been upgraded to a Category 4. For comparison, the devastating Hurricane Katrina was a Category 5.

Online, posters to Twitter shared their fears, information, visuals of the hurricane and offered prayers to the affected.

About 2 million people from Florida across Georgia to South Carolina were warned to head inland.

After Florida, the hurricane was expected to push its way just off the coasts of Georgia and South Carolina before veering off to sea.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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