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Fry this on for size: Arizona State Fair to cook up traditional, new menu choices

(Arizona State Fair Photo)

PHOENIX — Attendees at the Arizona State Fair will have a lot of tasty food options to sample this year, including more than 30 new items.

While the old mainstays will be served — think funnel cake, corn dogs and nachos — the fair is introducing a lot of new products, most of which will be rolled in batter before being tossed in the deep-fryer.

Those oldtime carnival barkers who shouted “You won’t believe your eyes!” could easily be talking about some of these eats.

From the deep-fried banana split and bacon-wrapped French toast bombs to carne asada fries and pickle fries, bringing an empty stomach to the fair is a must.

The fair is even debuting a snow cone that it hopes is so large and impressive that it encourages people to snap a photo. It’s called the Selfie Sno Cone.

Those who can’t wait to stink their teeth into what the fair has to offer don’t have long to wait, as it opens Friday. Tickets are available online.

Flip through the gallery below to catch a not-so-healthy glimpse of some of the fair’s newest food offerings.

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