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Trump and Clinton hold hands – at least that’s what an Arizona maze designed

Photo courtesy Mortimer Farms

Envision this: Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have just squared off in a presidential debate, and instead of shaking hands, they hold hands and both throw up the peace sign.

Can’t picture it? We don’t blame you, but Mortimer Farms designed such an image.

If you fly over Mortimer Farms’ corn maze in Dewey, Arizona, you will see the presidential nominees acting like real chums, with Clinton even wearing flowers in her hair.

Manager at Mortimer Farms’ Andrea Thillits said that they do all sorts of designs every year, but wanted to do something special for 2016.

“Well, it’s a political year, so we always try to do something fun out there,” Thillits said. “Our last election we had Mitt Romney and Barack Obama with boxing gloves.”

The Trump-Clinton maze is 25 acres and available to the public on weekends just east of Prescott.

Thillits said that the maze, which is just east of Prescott, will be open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays until Oct. 30. It should take about an hour for those willing to partake in the whole thing.


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