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‘Gilmore Girls’ fans can enjoy a free cup of coffee at ‘Luke’s Diner’ right in Arizona

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Nostalgia will never leave us, and it will especially never leave “Gilmore Girls” fans. For that reason, the show is going to release a four-episode revival season.

To promote the release, a version of “Luke’s Diner” is coming to every state across the nation on Wednesday.

At least one location in every state is going to be transformed into looking like the show’s diner, with branded hats, aprons and all.

In Arizona, the shops getting the one-day makeover will be at Octane Cafe in Mesa, Comoncy in Scottsdale and Ike’s Coffee and Tea in Tucson.

Netflix is leading the charge in providing the special treat for everyone, as they are offering up 250 12-ounce cups of coffee for no charge.

The event will last from 7 a.m. through noon, and while only a select few may get a free cup of coffee, everyone can enjoy the nostalgic feeling of sitting inside “Luke’s Diner” like one of the Gilmore girls.

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