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If acting dries up, Leo DiCaprio could become a space explorer

(AP Photo)

Leonardo DiCaprio is one of those actors who is politically active. Dude, excuse us, Oscar-winning dude, is all about beating the stuffing out of climate change in particular.

As a matter of fact, if no solutions are forthcoming, he is going to Mars. Or maybe he’ll go to Mars because he’s an adventurer. Or possibly he was kidding.

Whatever, he told President Barack Obama at this week’s South by South Lawn festival at the White House that he was taking a seat on entrepreneur Elon Musk’s well-publicized rocket ship to Mars.

During a nearly two-hour discussion of global climate issues, sustainable energy sources and the like the actor posted on Facebook, scientist Katharine Hayhoe remarked it was best to take care of Earth because going to Mars wasn’t a true alternative.



“As long as we haven’t signed up for the trip to Mars — I don’t want to know if anyone has — I think you’re crazy,” she said, scientific news site Inverse reported.

DiCaprio stepped right into the void and said, “I did (sign up).”

Uh … what??

Let’s face it, rich people pretty much do whatever they want, and rich, creative people do that two or three times over. He could take to the stars if he chose.

There was no chance for a “Titanic” sequel with Jack, anyway.

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