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Mother Bunch ranked as best brewery in Phoenix

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Alcohol enthusiasts are always on the lookout for the perfect brewery with that perfect brew.

Well, it may not be perfect, but Mother Bunch might be the closest thing to it. Thrillist constructed a list of the top breweries in 35 major cities and Mother Bunch was named the best in Phoenix.

If it’s hot, go with the tropical Grapefruit Wit, and the crushable Summer Session IPA. If it’s not, look around, because you’re probably not in Phoenix anymore.

After you’ve fully figured out you’re indeed in the city of Phoenix, not only is Mother Bunch known for it’s alcoholic decadence, but Thrillist also named it as one of the 11 most important restaurants in the city.

They’ve got more than just bar food; think huge slow-roasted pork belly sourdough sandwiches, fiery three alarm burgers and jumbo beer-marinaded shrimp.

A place with a wide selection of brews and food, the one thing that could keep it from reaching its full potential is location. Luckily, Mother Bunch is situated in an ideal spot in downtown Phoenix, roughly only ten minutes from the airport. So tourists, or even Phoenix locals, can stop by and check out what the ho hum is all about before they head out of the city or right when they get in.

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