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Scottsdale woman missing under suspicious circumstances

A Scottsdale woman has been missing under suspicious circumstances since Sept. 10, 2015. (Silent Witness Photo)

“She says, ‘I don’t know where my momma is. My momma’s probably in heaven.'”

Valerie is talking about the 4-year-old daughter of her long-time friend, Cristin Crable.

“She is a bundle of love and spunk just like her momma,” Valerie says.

Cristin, 42, has three daughters and a grandson she’s been missing since the afternoon of Thursday, Sept. 10, 2015.

Phoenix Police Detective Kim Neis said Cristin’s ex-husband was the first person to think something was wrong.

“She usually would call to check-in on her child at least once a day,” Neis said. “When she didn’t do that, he actually called to have a welfare check at her residence.”

When Scottsdale officers arrived at her apartment near Scottsdale Road and Loop 101, no one was home.

Detective Neis said, “There are also some apartment workers that usually see her in the mornings, and they hadn’t seen her in a couple of days either.”

Her disappearance is labeled as suspicious.

Valerie says Cristin loves Thai food and loves, loves, loves anything coconut. Cristin, she said, was also very much into fitness and a professional dancer for many years.

“She dedicated her life to her family, just loving them and caring for them – her mom and dad when they were alive and then her three girls,” Valerie says.

Cristin was born in a very poor village in Laos. Her mother died just days after her birth. She was quickly adopted by a U.S. serviceman and his wife, and Cristin adored them.

Cristin worked as a long-time assistant to a Valley optometrist and Valerie said she was generous to a fault.

“If she had her last $10 in her pocket she would give it to her friend, family or neighbor that needed it. When she spoke to you, she looked into your eyes. She would hold your hand or rub your arm and she would make you feel like the most important person in the world.”

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