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State Fair ‘Kid Reporter’ has all the angles covered

This article is Sponsored by Arizona State Fair

Whether you’ve been to the Arizona State Fair or not, each year offers a new and exciting experience for everyone. Kids and adults alike enjoy the carnival-like atmosphere, fun events and amazing food. Even The Huffington Post knows Arizona has one of the best state fairs in the country, but sometimes it takes a younger pair of eyes to offer a new viewpoint into the famous Arizona State Fair.

This year, the Arizona State Fair is offering parents and kids a new way to experience the fair — as a real correspondent. This unprecedented decision comes from the fair executives themselves, making whoever is chosen one lucky kid.

Parents can submit entries for their kids to become the official kid correspondent for the Arizona State Fair. This lucky young journalist will get to help create videos and do radio segments about everything that’s going on at the fair during its 18-day run. With this new unique perspective and colorful storytelling, residents won’t be able to stop themselves from joining in this year’s fair fun.

Rock U

Rock U, The Institute of Rock N’ Roll, helps kids have fun while learning, too. Kids learn about the forefathers of rock while experiencing it themselves. With hands-on instrument playing, like giant keyboard and drums, and an extensive collection of Rock N’ Roll paraphernalia including the British Invasion, Abbey Road, one hit wonders like (gasp) Shaun Cassidy. Visitors will experience how we’ve listened to music from the turntable through the eight-track, Walkman cassette player, to the iPod. Kids will come away with a renewed knowledge and love for the music that shaped our world into what it is today.



Rock U is fantastic, but it’s nothing compared to the incredible shows that abound on the stages at the Arizona State Fair. Community dance and singing groups fill the outdoor stages. And inside the Coliseum the Arizona State Fair has boasted performers like KISS, Jane’s Addiction, Keith Urban and Selena Gomez – and the lineup still manages to deliver something for every genre. This year, you can expect A-list performers like Iggy Azalea, The Flaming Lips, Slayer and Jack & Jack. Reserved tickets are on sale now, but general admission seating is free with Fair admission.


Animals and art

Every state fair offers fun views of farm animals, but at the Arizona State Fair, you actually have the chance to get up close and personal with the animals. Experience the famed petting zoo, Arizona Milk Producers Milking Parlor, and a free special preview exhibit of Lights of the World, a Chinese lantern festival appearing later this Winter at Rawhide. Once you finish with these activities, you’ll feel invigorated by culture and nature of all sorts.


Rides for all ages

Many hold fond memories of their first time riding OMG, Megadrop, or the Euroslide. So even if you’re grown up and still prefer a calm and romantic Ferris Wheel ride, or you’re a true thrill seeker/adrenaline junkie, come experience the fun and enjoy time with friends and family alike, Oct. 7-30. As always, the fair runs Wednesday thru Sunday of each week, so come see what’s possible while you listen to the kid reporter. You’ll be glad you did, and you won’t have to worry about FOMO, either.