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Grand Canyon’s Mather Point makes ‘Best Views in America’ list

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It’s difficult to imagine a “Best Views in America” list not including the Grand Canyon. Travel and Leisure’s list proved that point true by having the jaw-dropping canyon’s Mather Point at No. 9 on their rankings.

If there were ever a place you’d want to turn into a bird, it would be at Mather Point, on the Grand Canyon’s South Rim: the yawning, mile-deep, 277-mile-long opening is so vast, you could glide over it forever. Thankfully, Grand Canyon National Park has gone to great lengths to improve the infrastructure around popular Mather Point to ease congestion. There’s easier road access, expanded parking, and also a viewing platform, amphitheater, and visitors’ center.

If you want a professional tip on the best way to go about visiting the point, the website has you covered.

Insider Tip: After Mather Point, enjoy some or all of the nine other lookouts that are accessible using the free shuttle bus.

Since 2010, Mather Point has been the go-to spot to view the canyon, providing a close walk from the visitor center and entrance station.

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