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Team Thor responds to ‘Captain America: Civil War’ snub with video

Following the release of “Captain America: Civil War,” audiences immediately noticed that one major member of the Avengers was no where to be found.

Thor was not a part of the epic battle between Captain America and Iron Man, which left his fans wondering what was happening. After all, shouldn’t he be involved in something that’s titled “Civil War?”

Apparently, Thor needed some “me time” Down Under. The Asgardian Avenger released a mockumentary at San Diego Comic-Con in July, stating that he’d moved in with his new best friend Darryl in Australia.

Now, Team Thor has taken things to the next level. Marvel has unveiled the full three-minute clip outlining how Thor has filled his schedule instead of choosing sides in the “Civil War” showdown.

Led by “Thor: Ragnarok” director Taika Waititi, the spoof video follows Thor as he hangs out with his new friend, teaches students about his fellow super heroes and sends an “electronic letter” to Tony Stark.

The Asgardian even finds time to meet up with fellow Avenger Bruce Banner, who he’ll team up with in “Thor: Ragnarok” this November.

If anyone has a way to contact the Avengers, you may want to let them know that Thor needs something to do.

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