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City of Chandler seeks funding to protect its community garden

(Photo via City of Chandler)

The city of Chandler wants to get kids and adults into gardening through its new community demonstration garden, but the city needs help to protect the plants.

The land and design for the garden have already been set aside by the city at Veterans Oasis Park, but its recreation division also wants to see a steel fence built around the 6,000 square foot garden as a form of protection.

“We have quite a bit of jackrabbits and squirrels and a lot of unwanted pests that could get into the garden and eat the food or the flowers that we’re putting so much time and effort into growing,” said Ariene Francis, Recreation Coordinator II for the city of Chandler.

She said they want the fence to be about four-to-five feet tall. The city also wants the fence to go into the ground to prevent underground creatures from getting into the garden. In order to build the fence, the city is seeking $9,000.

The National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA) is helping out by making the project part of its “Fund Your Park Campaign.” The funding campaign started Aug. 23rd and only lasts for a month.

“We have people asking and wanting to contribute their time [and] energy,” Francis said. “Now it’s just kind of focused into one month and we hope we can make that $9,000.”

When the garden is completed, it will provide classes and garden activities. Francis said it will feature programs offered during field trips, camps and workshops as well as live demonstrations.

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