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Trace amount of methamphetamine found in Phoenix high school classrooms

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PHOENIX — Trace amounts of methamphetamine were found in three classrooms at a Phoenix high school, officials said in a letter to parents on Friday.

In the letter, Mountain Pointe High School Principal Bruce Kipper said the trace amounts were found during tests conducted by the Phoenix Fire Department.

The tests were encouraged after an on-campus apartment that typically houses a school security guard was found to be in poor condition.

Kipper said the apartment was fine in late May when it was inspected. The guard resigned in July and moved out, leaving the apartment locked. When it was checked in early August, it was found to be in “very poor condition” and there was an odd odor in the air.

Though the apartment has its own air system, the school asked to have the air checked and the fire department suggested surface testing, which detected trace amounts of the drug.

The fire department found less than 100 nanograms in three classroom surface tests, an amount that is not harmful. However, the school will not allow anyone into the classrooms until they are professionally cleaned and retested.

The air was found to be safe.

Students and staff were relocated while testing was underway.

Kipper said the school is working with Phoenix police to investigate what happened.

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