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Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s criminal contempt referral and the Arizona primary election

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We take on two topics this week.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio has been referred by a federal judge for criminal contempt of court. Attorney Tom Ryan joins the show to tell us:

  • What is likely to happen next in the sheriff’s legal saga?
  • How long will this likely take?
  • Is a deal (for example, “resign your office in return for dropping criminal charges”) possible?

Arizona primary questions

  • Arpaio: What impact will the criminal referral have on the primary election? Mike O’Neil thinks the timing of the judge’s decision is PERFECT for Arpaio and will explain why.
  • Sen. John McCain: Where does he stand in the primary and in the general?
  • What about those contested Congressional seats?
  • And, certainly not least, how does Arizona look for the presidential election? There have been reports of a dead heat race; how likely will that hold up as we move towards November