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Never-before-seen video of Kayla Mueller in ISIS custody released

PHOENIX — The world is getting its first look at Kayla Mueller in Islamic State custody after her parents released a video to ABC News.

In the video, Mueller, who was killed in 2015, is shown wearing a black hijab and is positioned against a blank wall.

It is the only know footage of Mueller taken while she was being held hostage by ISIS. It was sent to her parents as a proof-of-life video.

NBC News reported ISIS demanded $6.6 million or the release of a Pakistani man convicted of attempted murder in New York to secure Mueller’s freedom.

In the short clip published Thursday by ABC, Mueller is heard saying “My name is Kayla Mueller. I need your help.”

The full video will be shown during a Friday special about Mueller’s kidnapping and death at the hands of ISIS.

Mueller was kidnapped by ISIS in 2013 when she was working with Doctors Without Borders near Aleppo, Syria.

Mueller, who graduated from Northern Arizona University in 2009, told The Daily Courier in 2013 she “can’t do enough” to help those affected by the Syrian civil war.

ISIS claimed Mueller died during a Jordanian air strike, but the White House later said the terrorist group was responsible for her death.

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