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Gameday recipes and beers to match

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Football season is here and it’s time to start planning some mouth-watering tailgating food. Tailgate parties are a great time to visit with friends, get pumped for the game, and consume great food and drink.

Here are some incredibly easy and satisfying game day recipes with the perfect beer to match.

Fried chicken

This southern classic has plenty of wiggle room to spice things up any way you choose. This version of spicy sriracha wings will heat things up so don’t forget the corn on the cob and watermelon to cool things down. A good English style Pale Ale  matches well with fried foods and a hoppy IPA can intensify the chile heat.


It doesn’t matter what kind of burger you make if you have the right toppings in place. If you want the perfect burger to go with your beer, choose a simple recipe that focuses on the meat for flavor. Marinating and stuffing your burgers are all good options, and what’s more American than a hoppy American IPA to cleanse your palate between every bite?

Fries, condiments and the like are up to you, but burgers and beer always work well together.


The first signs of Fall usually bring thoughts of pumpkins a nice bowl of steaming chili. Try any variety of chili and feel free to go crazy with the spices. You’ll likely enjoy a nice light beer to contrast the spicy flavors.


Fajitas and tostadas are great, but fresh tacos on gameday are the best. All you need are taco shells and grilled meat for the basics. Cilantro, limes, green chilies and salsa are must-haves for toppings.

As for the beer, go with an IPA that has “new world” hops including herbal flavors such as coriander to bring out the Mexican food flavors. If you really want to get creative, try a mango salsa to mix things up. As long as your beer has citrus tones in it, it will go great with fresh tacos.

Grilled meat

As a staple in gameday foods, grilled meat and steaks are always a good idea and tend to keep everyone happy. One way to spice up your game day steaks is by caramelizing them on the grill. This outer bittersweet layer on your steak will pair nicely with a nice, stout Scottish Ale full of caramel and barley flavors.


What’s tailgating without a delicious dessert to finish things up? If you’re looking for something easy, try lemon bars or this delicious peach cobbler. The former dessert goes great with the citrus tones in a traditional IPA, and a peach cobbler is the perfect match to an Arizona-favorite: famous Peach Ale.

As you plan your gameday recipes and tailgating fun, remember the real treat is spending time with family and friends cheering your favorite team to win.


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