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No more wait: MVD now allows Arizonans to schedule road tests

So long, winding lines at the Motor Vehicle Division office.

The Arizona Department of Transportation is debuting a new system this week that will allow people to schedule visits to the MVD to take road tests.

Whereas drivers previously dreaded showing up to the office just to wait — often times for a long while — in lines, they can now plan their road test up to 30 days in advance through ADOT’s website, which gives step-by-step instructions to take such a test.

“This new feature will provide a lot of value to our customers by allowing them to fit the test into their schedule instead of spending half a day at an office waiting to take it,” ADOT Motor Vehicle Division Director Eric Jorgensen said in a release. “This is another step forward in achieving MVD’s vision of getting customers out of line and safely on the road.”

MVD offices will allow scheduled visitors to check in at a kiosk rather than wait in line.

At, drivers can now submit driver license applications and find a list of things needed to get a drivers license or travel ID.

ADOT stresses applicants must meet several requirements before they can schedule a road test and that the scheduling is not for written drivers license tests.

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