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19 amazing photos of Arizona in honor of International Photography Day

(Instagram Photo/@kaminskiphotography)

PHOENIX — Like seemingly every day out of the year, Friday was yet another day recognized as “International Something Day.”

But instead of encouraging us to eat some delicious food or sip some tasty drinks — neither of which we have a problem doing — Aug. 19 encourages the photographers among us to share their best works. After all, it is International Photography Day.

And because Arizona is such a beautiful part of our world, we thought we’d pop over to one of our favorite Instagram accounts — @InstagramAZ — and share some of the account’s best photos in honor of the holiday.

It’s important to note that InstagramAZ receives and posts submissions from a lot of people, so if you see another photographer you like, consider giving them a follow as well.

Before you flip through the gallery below, be sure to head over to Instagram and follow InstagramAZ for beautiful photos of our state all year long, not just on International Photo Day.

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