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Phoenix police looking for leads in near-fatal shooting

A person of interest in the case is shown. (Silent Witness Photo)

This case takes us to an apartment in a neighborhood near Thomas Road and 35th Street.

“This happened on Thursday, July 28, 2016 at about 2:45 a.m. so there weren’t a lot of people out-and-about,” Phoenix Police Sgt. Jamie Rothschild.

The victim in this case was in his apartment with several friends when there was a knock on the door.

“When the people inside heard the person asking for someone who wasn’t there, they told him to leave,” Rothschild said. “But then the suspect began kicking the door and eventually kicked it in and entered the apartment.”

The intruder was armed and the victim got into a struggle with him. That’s when he was shot in the chest. He was seriously wounded but survived.

Nearby video cameras captured a guy on a bike riding around the complex at about the time of the shooting.

He appears to be Hispanic, in his 30s or early 40s with an average height and build. He’s bald or has a shaved head, and has tattoos covering both arms, both lower legs and below his neck. He may go by the nickname “Six.”

He was riding a customized bicycle with a white strobe light on the front and a red rear light or reflector.

Police said the bike rider is only a person of interest, not a suspect, and he may have seen or heard something that could help the investigation.

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