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State-of-the-art video and audio studios open in Phoenix area

Courtesy Sneaky Big Studios

North Scottsdale is now home to a studio that might rival something you would see in New York or Los Angeles.

The new video and audio production center, called Sneaky Big Studios, features a 4,000 square foot soundstage, robotic cameras, five editing suites and a recording studio where an artist can lay down an album.

“We’re capable of doing commercials, TV, video production, corporate videos [and] virtual reality,” said Stephen Brain, general manager of Sneaky Big Studios.

The facility can also handle movies and music videos among other projects. Brain said the studios can handle seven different projects simultaneously, and eight potential projects are already in the pipeline.

“There are a lot of companies that are based here in Arizona that do go to New York and L.A. for editing and for shooting and for post-production services,” Brain said. “With the capabilities that we have, we rival anything in New York and L.A., so there is no need for local people to go there anymore. They can do it right here in Scottsdale.”

Brain said he also hopes to hire local production crews to work on the various projects. The studio is the creation of Scottsdale resident Bob Parsons, who is also the founder of GoDaddy.

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