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Man up: Here are the seven latest man cave trends

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Everybody knows what a man cave is by now, but if you don’t, it’s supposed to be a place where guys hang out to do the things they like to do best.

It can be a home theater or an office or a converted garage or converted carport.

Man-cave basics for a long time have included a really, really big-screen TV, a pool table, poker table and a great big couch.

But things are changing in the world of man-caves. Here are the newest trends:

Tech twist

Man caves are becoming more and more electronic- and digital-feature sophisticated. For example, surround sound and advanced speaker systems, video gaming console, and other streaming media devices, such Apple TV, Roku or Google’s Chromecast, are all being added.

Keep it down!

You may have to add extra soundproofing to your cave if you want to practice on your drums, turn up the volume on that surround sound or planning to have big crowds on game days.

Appliances, aisle man cave

Just a refrigerator or cold drinks won’t work. You need a kitchenette with cabinets, some counters, maybe one of those drawer-style dishwashers and, at least, a microwave.

An outdoor barbecue just outside the back door of the man cave is a necessity.

Productivity is key

Man caves aren’t just places to relax, they’re places to do something.

They can be workshops or art studios or places for hobbies.

Maybe it’s an office, maybe it’s a car demolition and repair shop, maybe it’s a place to carve wood or to harden clay into pottery in a kiln. Sometimes, they’re places where you work out.

And sometimes they’re brew sheds for people who make their own beer and like to hold tastings.

Car cave

Maybe you want to keep your garage as a place to park your cars. In that case, you could put a shed or small outbuilding on your property as a location for your man cave.

There are shed companies out there, such as Tuff Shed, that can put up a small shed or outbuilding in three or four hours.

If a shed is more than 200 square feet in area, however, it may need a building permit.

Class it up

It may seem unlikely that anyone would hire an interior decorator to design something called a man cave, but that’s becoming more and more common. You may need a decorator, for example, to turn your collection of old car grilles into an art exhibit.

No girls allowed

Man caves aren’t just for guys anymore. They’re for women, too! In which case, some people do call them girl caves.

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