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Video of Arizona chicken wearing blue shorts goes viral

This isn’t something you see everyday.

Actually, this is something we’ve never seen before.

Arizona is no stranger to producing videos that go viral, but we have to say this is the first one we’ve ever seen of a chicken wearing blue shorts.

You read that right: There’s a video making the rounds on Facebook that shows an Arizona chicken running around — wearing blue shorts — and it’s been seen by millions of people.

The video was posted by Debra Snodgrass, who lives in Prescott, Arizona. She told the Daily Mail that the chicken, who apparently goes by Charlie, had more than just shorts on that day.

‘Connor and I also painted his nails last night,’ writes Ms Snodgrass alongside the clip.

‘He was feeling good with his nails done and new pants.’

There’s no word on if Charlie plans to rock the blue pants again or plans to branch out to other colors.

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