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Born free! Arizona ranks 10th in national freedom ranking

(AP Photo/John Locher, File)

Of course everybody has complete freedom in the United States of America, but are some states more free than others?

According to one website, every state is quite different in many categories when it comes to freedom.

Arizona ranked as the 10th state with the most freedom in the nation, which was “based on how their policies promote freedom in the fiscal, regulatory and personal realms.” Scores were calculated on over 200 policies in those areas, and then it was broken down into 20 different sections to help determine the freedom scores.

The sections include fiscal, regulatory, personal, economic, lawsuit, land, marriage, education, occupational, victimless, health insurance, labor, alcohol, asset forfeiture, gambling, tobacco, guns, cannabis, cable and incarceration.

Arizona earned the top ranking alone in the education section, and tied the top spot with 22 other states in the cable category. Arizona was ranked in the top-five in two other sections; alcohol with the fifth spot and guns at third on the list.

When the previous freedom rankings were put together in 2012, Arizona was 16th overall.

The state with the most freedom in the country is New Hampshire, while New York was ranked as the state with the least amount of freedom by the study.