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Sen. John McCain says he’ll support NAFTA, Arizona economy if re-elected

(AP Photo/Ralph Freso, File)

PHOENIX — U.S. Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) told a crowd on Tuesday that he would continue to support free trade agreements such as NAFTA should he be re-elected.

“If you don’t believe in trade agreements, then, fundamentally, either you think the agreement itself is unfair … or you don’t believe in the American worker,” McCain told the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce.

The longtime Arizona senator said NAFTA is bringing Arizona millions of dollars’ worth of trade from neighboring countries, such as Mexico.

“The finance minister of Mexico told me that Mexico does more business with Arizona than it does with Spain,” McCain said.

McCain’s support of NAFTA goes against the stance of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, who has made it clear he hopes to replace the agreement with deals struck with individual nations.

McCain also told the chamber he will continue supporting business that hire veterans and will also support private companies being permitted to thin Arizona’s forests to both boost the economy and prevent wildfires.

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