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The ‘Unexpected John Cena’ meme becomes real for fans

For years, the “Unexpected John Cena” meme has been sweeping the internet.

The meme — a trend on the internet that goes viral — is for someone to take a video clip from, well, anything really, and add former WWE announcer Jerry Lawler exclaiming “John Cena!” as the WWE superstar’s entrance plays to the tune of a purposefully increased audio and bass.

Here are some examples, and there’s even a sub-section of Reddit dedicated to new clips.

Cricket Wireless decided to take the meme to real life, letting fans of the wrestler tell a camera why they love Cena and do their own introduction.

While they were speaking Cena blasted through a poster in the back surrounded by two men playing the signature horns from the theme music.

As expected, the fans freaked out. One child actually goes through a second or so of being scared by the surprise, and then quickly transitioned into losing his mind like any super-fan would.

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