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Let them cut the line: Cowboy rides horse into Texas fast-food place


Even in Texas, the odds of someone riding a horse into a fast food place are probably fairly low, but then again, if friends are daring you, what’s a cowboy to do?

After competing in a rodeo, Lathan Crump of Campbell, Texas, rode his horse, Hollywood, into a Taco Bell for a celebratory taco. Or burrito, no one has been specific.

We are not talking about ambling up to the drive-thru, although that would be equally amusing. No, Crump and Hollywood strolled through the front door.

The video posted to Crump’s Instagram account has drawn a lot of notice online and even brought out a TV crew to his home.

In the interview with the TV station, Crump said his friends talked him into it. They have made a tradition of hitting up the Taco Bell after his competitions.

Hollywood was certainly ready for his close-up.