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SanTan Brewing Company named top brewery in Arizona

(Facebook Photo/San Tan Brewing Company Official Page)

When it comes to producing copious amounts of beer, there’s one giant among Arizona breweries.

Phoenix Business Journal ranked the top five breweries in Arizona based on the amount produced and SanTan Brewing Co. topped the list.

Now in the second year of the list, last year’s top producer was Four Peaks Brewing Co., who were sold to Anheuser-Busch last year, a parent company of Budweiser.

According to the list, SanTan Brewing Co. was the only company to brew at least 10,000 barrels of beer with 26,301 in 2015.

The numbers come from The Brewers Association, “a group dedicated to promoting small and independent craft brewers.”

Nimbus Brewing Co at 8,000 comes in second and Barrio Brewing Co. is third with 6,100 barrels brewed.

Lumberyard Brewing Co. and Oak Creek Brewing Co. round out the top five.

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