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Report: ASU sorority recruitment video may have cost at least $200,000

Taking a helicopter ride, going on hot air balloon rides and taking a jeep tour through the desert can cost anyone a lot of money.

Getting a video produced of many people doing exactly those things, plus many more activities will take an even deeper dig in the pocket to fork up that kind of money.

Well one Arizona State University sorority decided to do exactly that and turned it into its recruitment video.

Alpha Phi decided to make an impression on girls looking for a sorority to join, as Teen Vogue reports that they hired a company to produce the video that shot an eerily similar one for another sorority that probably cost at least $200,000.

“The video was produced by Artec Media, the company responsible for releasing that viral Miami Delta Gamma video back in January,” Teen Vogue said. “Alpha Phi’s video is exactly the same, except it’s set in the desert instead of on the coast.

“The Miami video was estimated to cost between $200,000 and $400,000, so let’s assume Alpha Phi rang up a similar bill — after all, they had to hire out the Pink Jeep Tour company, a helicopter pilot, a hot air balloon operator, the production team, and a singer for the original EDM song written by Artec.”

As Teen Vogue mentions, the sorority could have gotten that money from donations, but a lot of other college students who will soon eat Ramen noodles almost every day this semester probably aren’t too pleased.

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